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Demo Animations

Download Demo Animations

Not sure how good high quality animation can look? Would you like to see more?

Here are a couple of samples of the kind of Animation we have done for others. Why not have a look and imagine what we could do for you!

Fatigue Kills Safety AnimationFatigue Kills

Opens external link in new windowClick here to see what happens when a micro-sleep leads to disaster on the highway.  The effects of Fatigue are now well known - it can be fatal.

This is the simple, yet effective, version of the Fatigue Kills animation. 


Dump Truck FatalityDump Truck Fatality

Opens external link in new windowDump Trucks and light vehicles are often required to share a haul road.  Sometimes with fatal consequences.

This animation is very generic in nature and is quite a graphic representation of a Dump Truck and light vehicle accident.





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