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Welcome to Safety Animation

Animation is the fresh new way to deliver your message to your people. We see it in movies, advertising and even amazing games. Who could forget some of the real groundbraking movies like Shrek and Toy Story that showed the incredible things that can be done using Animation to bring people's imagination into reality?

Then the incredibly successful Star Wars movies and The Lord of the Rings series showed us that we can deliver a truly stunning mix of real actors and intense, high quality Animtion.

Finally, the ongoing Final Fantasy movie series that show how close we are to making the real life actor redundant as their full cinema productions contain no actors at all.

Animate Now!

What we have done here at SafetyAnimation.com is to combine the skills of professional animators, programming and security professionals together with years of domain expertise in Safety to create a truly professional product that is able to model all aspects of Safety from simple Safety messages on screensavers to complete Safety Instructions and Training modules.

Why not have a look at some of the material on our website and contact us to learn a little bit more about how Safety and Animation can make a powerful combination in the delivery of your Safety message.


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